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Top 5 Expensive & Extraordinary Restaurants in The World

Top 5 Expensive & Extraordinary Restaurants in The World

Luxury is a state of mind…

Have you ever had an expensive dinner? If yes, then how much was the price for a menu per person? The reason you have been asked this question is that you will probably get surprised when you read about these 5 extraordinary Restaurants and their menu prices per person. A lot of research was done and based on the Michelin Guide, we could finally gather the Top 5 extraordinary & expensive restaurants in the world.

In this article, a list of the five most expensive restaurants in the world according to the Michelin Guide will be listed, and you will also find a guide with all the names of the most extraordinary restaurants around the world. Keep reading!

Let’s start from the highest to the lowest prices :


Discover the world’s most expensive restaurant – Sublimotion.
Between €1,500 - €1900 per person (US $1700 - US $2150)  

SubliMotion is located in Ibiza, a Spanish Balearic island in the Mediterranean Sea, and only serves one table for 12 people, serving Molecular Gastronomy and the first gastronomic show in the world. Your food will land to your table without you noticing.


Watch Eater’s video of Chef Masa Takayama – One of the most Michelin starred chefs in the USA and owner of Masa restaurant – The second most expensive restaurant in the world.
US $600 per person without including Beverages and Taxes

Masa is located in New York, the United States of America, it is the second most expensive restaurant in the world. Serves Sushi and Japanese Gastronomy, all prepared exclusively by its Chef Masa Takayama. Reservations need to be made at least teen days in advance as the restaurants capacity is for 24 seats only.


Watch Simon and Martina’s video of Kyoto-Kitcho – The third most expensive restaurant in the world, the most beautiful and one of the oldest restaurants in Japan.
54,000¥ per person (US $550)

Kitcho Arashiyama Honten is located in Kyoto, Japan. This old restaurant opened its doors back in 1901, it is being operated by its 3rd-generation owner Tokuoka Kunio, serving authentic and traditional Japanese gastronomy and the Tea ceremony in a temple environment.

Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy shows you a few images taken in his new restaurant at the Monnaie de Paris.
€395 per person (US $470)

Guy Savoy restaurant is located in Paris, France. Serving French Gastronomy and prices may vary depending on the menu you choose. You can get a US $200 menu, however, the US $450 menu is for a full Gastronomical experience.

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Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée – The fifth most expensive restaurant in the world.
(Plaza Athénée) €380 per person (US $450)

Alain Ducasse is located in the famous Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris, France. Just as most restaurant’s names, Alain Ducasse is the Chef and the Founder of this restaurant. Alain also operates a number of restaurants. Alain Ducasse Plaza Athénée restaurant is famous by the dining room ceiling drips with 10,000 crystals and cutlery, created in the 1970s by Roger Tallon.

Have you been to any of these restaurants before?

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