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Valencia The Home of Paella!

Valencia The Home of Paella!

The Valencian autonomous community, in Spanish La Comunidad Autónoma Valenciana. Its capital Valencia is the third-largest city and metropolitan area in Spain, located along the Mediterranean coast, with a very rich history as well as gastronomy.

The paella is one of the best-known dishes in the Spanish cuisine, originally from Valencia, however, along the years it became Spain’s national dish.

In Spain, people consider it to be a dish from the autonomous community of Valencia as it is their identifying symbol.

Throughout the years, this dish was taken and manipulated by other regions of the country, especially the coastal cities, which made it even richer by creating different recipes apart from the original one. However, the real paella is just one and it’s unique, other paellas are not considered to be called paellas, “but rice with things” or in Spanish “arroz con cosas

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Watch Paellas y Cocina Valenciana‘s video learning to make an authentic Valencian paella.

The creation of this classical dish used to be very simple and with few ingredients only, nowadays, we can find different types of paella, big varieties of rice and meets, even the vegetarian option is available.

Although you will find many types of “paellas” when you arrive in Spain, the real one is. simple and easy to recognize as by its uniqueness.

Here are the most common types of “paella”

  • Valencian paella: Being the rice the main ingredient, also some of the main and characteristic ingredients of the original paella are: green vegetables, rabbit, chicken, or duck, snails, beans, and seasoning.
  •  Seafood paella: Rice, seafood, fish and seasoning.
  •  Mixed paella: A combination of seafood, meat, fish, vegetables, beans, and seasoning. 
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