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What Do Norwegians Eat?

What Do Norwegians Eat?

Describing the Norwegian Gastronomy.

With some of the best raw ingredients in the world, Norway is a gastronomic powerhouse. In addition, the country is home to various wild games and catches from the sea, even though the growing season in Norway is brief. Thus, the Norwegian Cuisine is predominantly fish, wild game, lamb, cabbage, and cheese.

Understanding Norwegian Cuisine

Fish has always been a massive part of Norwegian culture, with the influence of the land and sea being significantly more than the country’s neighbours. In addition, game meats like moose, reindeer, deer, lamb, and grouse are essential parts of Norwegian cuisine. Yet another vital component of the unique gastronomy enjoyed by the country is brunost or brown cheese—a Norwegian invention.

Traditional Dishes in the Cuisine

The early settlers came to Norway because of the scope for fishing, sealing, and hunting after the last of the ice melted in Scandinavia. In addition, harsh climates in the country shaped the cuisine, as a season’s yield needed to be sustained over the year. This has immensely influenced the traditional and New-Nordic dishes. 

  • Fårikål 

Fårikål, being the national dish of Norway, shows the country’s agrarian past. The dish is primarily served in the fall months and served when guests are over. Fårikål is treated with novelty and also has a holiday, Fårikålens Festdag, that falls on the last Thursday in September. 

  • Kjøttkaker

Also known as meat cakes, kjøttkaker was traditionally made from the remaining butcher cuts. These were hand-chopped and formed into flat patties. Today, it is not unlike Swedish meatballs—the difference is the kjøttkaker has a gravy (Brun saus) and not a cream sauce like the Swedish dish.

  • Lefse

Lefse is a soft flatbread and a staple in Norway. It is cooked on a girdle using a variety of flours like wheat and rye. A common way of eating Lefse is by cutting it up and rolling it up with butter. 

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  • Cod

Cod has been a part of Norwegian culture for centuries, as it kept the Norwegian sailors going during long sails. As a result, the country is home to the most extensive stock of cods globally, with the Norwegian-Arctic cod gaining international fame. In delicacies like mølje, cod is eaten from gills to fin.

  • Sursild

Norwegian cuisine is home to a lot of pickling, especially that of the herring or subside. After brining, the herring is spiced with cloves and peppercorns. These are usually accompanied by boiled potatoes and dry rye bread. 

Norwegian cuisine is a gastronomical wonder with the flavours, varieties, and aromas. When in Norway, the traditional dishes are a must-try. 

Traditional Norwegian Cuisine | Gordon Ramsay

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