What Do You Know about the Macaron Cookies?

The French call them Macaron, but the Italians call them Maccarone. Macaron or Maccarone is a traditional biscuit from the Gastronomy of France and Italy made of egg white, ground almonds, and icing sugar.

Of Italian origin, macarons emerged in the 16th century as flat-based “meringue cookies”, and at the end of the 19th century, they began to join two “cookies” with a delicious filling in the middle.

It is said that these arrived in France in 1581, when Queen Catherine de Medici offered them for the wedding of the Duke of Joyeuse in Paris, and years later Marie Antoinette would serve them at her banquets at the Palace of Versailles.

Watch Cupcake Jemma’s video to lean a quick Macaron recipe.

The current macarons are pastry made with two cookies and cream or ganache between them. There are two main methods for making macarons, the “French” method and the “Italian” method. The difference is in the way in which the meringue is prepared.

Macarons are not only distinguished by their delicious taste but also by their fantastic colours. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with its characteristic “border collar”, its filling and attractive colours are the most refined of the world pastry shop. They even rate more than chocolates, which are much more expensive.

Emma Born
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