What Type of Coffee Machine is Best for Your Home?

What to evaluate choosing the right coffee machine?

There are a wide variety of types of coffee machines on the market. Each one has different characteristics that provide different nuances to the final result.
The type of coffee machine used to make a cup of coffee has great importance in the infusion’s final flavour. For this reason, there are a wide variety of devices and ways to prepare this succulent drink. This article will explain coffee machines’ main models and the small nuances of flavour between one and another coffee maker.

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Pod or capsule machines

These coffee machines are becoming the most used in homes and offices, mostly thanks to their versatility, easy use and excellent coffee results.
These coffee machines use capsules of packed ground coffee, in this way the coffee stays fresh for longer, managing to retain the properties of the drink, which with other types of coffee are lost more quickly. The capsules are introduced into a compartment that perforates it; then the hot water passes through the capsule at individual pressure bars to produce the final infusion.

Quick Presentation of Nespresso Lattissima One Machine.

Bean-to-cup machines

This is the machine of choice for coffee purists and fans of barista-worthy lattes. Though bean-to-cup machines come at a higher price, they are as fresh as it gets; you pour coffee beans into the machine and sit back as they’re whipped into your perfect cup. The devices use a built-in grinder, many of which come with various settings so you can decide just how fine you would like your beans ground and pour your chosen drink automatically once finished. Most bean-to-cup machines now include a steam arm so you can froth milk when needed, as well.

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Filter coffee machines

Another of the most widespread coffee machines worldwide, as its name indicates, works by dripping and thanks to a filter.
Its operation is as follows. Water is poured into a tank that has a heating device. Once the water is hot, it drips through the filter filled with ground coffee. Finally, the infusion falls into a tank with a heating plate that keeps the drink warm.
This type of coffee maker can prepare 6 to 12 cups of coffee at a time, which is very convenient. Also, it has a plate that keeps the coffee hot.

Espresso coffee machines.

The key to this type of coffee maker is the water temperature; these machines manage to heat the water to around 90ºC. The water does not boil at this temperature, a key aspect so that the coffee does not become too bitter. This machine’s result is a strong and intense coffee cup with an excellent taste and sweetness. The key to great quality, great-tasting coffee is water pressure. Thanks to it, the characteristic cream layer is created; this golden and creamy layer remains on top of the coffee and provides a pure and rich flavour.

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