When & How to Enjoy Dessert Wines

Sweet & Fortified Wines Guide.

Wines can fit in anywhere. A long day after work, a relaxing vacation, or even a festive dinner. While there are different types of wines, we are going to understand how to enjoy sweet & fortified wines today.

Dessert Wine Guide: Port, Sherry, Madeira, and More

So what are sweet & fortified wines?

Fortified wines are delicious treats that can be enjoyed before and after dinner. These wines are “fortified” with a distilled spirit. Fortification aims to make the wine last longer. The spirit added can also enhance the existing flavor of the wine. These can be both dry or sweet. Sweet wines, on the other hand, are sweet. They are also called dessert wines. They are also good wines for beginners. Sweet wines have a higher level of sugar post-fermentation and taste different from fruity wines.

How and when to enjoy sweet & fortified wines?

Fortified wines can be enjoyed both before and after dinner as mentioned above. Fortified wines are generally consumed as dessert wines and consumed post-dinner. Dryer fortified wines taste better when consumed before dinner. These can work as appetizers as they are fruity.

Fortified wines taste better when served at a cold temperature similar to that of white wine. The temperate can be between 7-9 degrees Celsius. This will bring out the fresh tones of the wine. Always keep fortified wines refrigerated.

Sweet wines are lower in alcohol percentage as opposed to other types of wines. There are different types of sweet wines, however, they are usually consumed as dessert wines. They are served in smaller glasses. You should consume sweet wine at around 10 degrees Celsius to make sure it tastes the best.

Best combinations to enjoy sweet & fortified wines?

To experience the best of sweet & fortified wines it is important to combine them with well-suited food options. Fortified wines act both as an appetizer and as a dessert. This is why you can serve this with cheese, nuts, fruit tarts, and even cream-based desserts.

Sweet wines such as white wine also go along really well with both hard and soft cheese. If you are someone who prefers sweet food items, you can have sweet wine with desserts that are sweet. Sweet wines make cured meat taste delicious as well. Dishes like smoked meat such as sausages and cheese platters can work very well with sweet wine.

Whenever you are looking for things to enjoy your wine with, do not include food items such as sprouts or sushi. These items might be great on their own but do not taste well with sweet or fortified wines.

Certain types of sweet wine make a really good combination with chocolate. On the other hand, fortified wine such as Port wine can even make a good combination with blue cheese. A simple way to know if a certain food will go with your wine is to take a small bite of your food. Now sip a little bit of wine. If the flavors complement or are heightened this is a good combination. However, if the flavors seem a bit too different it might not be a good match.

These are some ways you can experience the best of sweet & fortified wines. Clink your glasses, take some cheese and enjoy your sweet & fortified wine!

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