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Where to Fine Dine in Madrid?

Where to Fine Dine in Madrid?

3 Of The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Madrid.

A trip to Madrid, the Spanish capital, is incomplete without a rendezvous with its refined dining culture.

Here’s a quick look at three of the best fine dining restaurants in the city:


When it comes to out-of-the-world, gastronomic experiences combined with equally quirky and fascinatingly extravagant visual treats, DiverXO is the best place in Madrid to soak up all the fun. This restaurant is one of the many creative excellences of David Munoz, the internationally recognized, Michelin-starred chef. Designed with a spaceship, DiverXO, with its cutting-edge decor, is the perfect conglomeration of world fusion cuisine. In addition, this high-end, tasting-menu-only restaurant, which appropriately refers to its menus as “canvases”, features a world full of inventive food items.

Funky Courses 

To begin with, there is a whole range of sauce platters, inspired by the paintings of Jackson Pollock, the famous painter who created a new art called abstract expressionism. Their menu is studded with other unique items, including Asian-styled flatbreads lavished in cheese and truffle shavings to crispy duck’s tongue and juicy pig ears, among several other sizzling, delectable, and head-turning dishes. Finally, their impeccable, on-point service is also a talking point.


Are you looking to indulge in traditional European classics like caviar, foie gras, or roasted lamb in a fresh, contemporary setting? Step into Saddle without a second thought. This fine-dining restaurant imbibes sophistication through essential elements in its overall decor like marble, wood, and brass. It is the only restaurant in the city to provide visitors with a fantastic three-in-one experience in the form of a bar, large, bright dining room, and comfortable private rooms. The menu is a mind-boggling assortment starting from selected cocktails to some unmissable shrimp and lobster items to an exclusive wood pigeon dish, to name a few.

Exemplary Service

The attentiveness of its staff to the minutest detail is another rare feat this restaurant has achieved. From the time you step your foot into this beautiful space to the time you leave its doors, the staff will make you feel at home every step of the way.

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Located in Chueca, this restaurant is the brainchild of chef Diego Guerrero. He set up this restaurant with the intention of making Haute cuisine accessible to more expansive food lovers. Within a few years of its opening, this restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars. The restaurant, with a chic, industrial ambience comprising metallic pipes and exposed brick walls, directly reflects the chef’s personality. They have an open kitchen that is accessible to the visitors, where they can see the entire process of food making, up, close and personal. The ambience aside, the other important thing that sets DSTAgE apart is the absence of a standard menu. There are, however, two tasting menus to choose from. Diego Guerrero believes in breaking conventions, tossing clichés, and making tiny things extraordinary by adding a personal touch. 

Some Delectable Dishes

Some of their popular dishes include roasted cauliflower, white tuna, octopus, and so on. So if you are in Madrid ever, don’t give this restaurant a miss. It’s well worth your time. The restaurant has a pretty friendly staff too. 

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