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Why Do We Love Burgers?

Why Do We Love Burgers?

Meat or veggie, all burgers are beautiful…

If you were asked how many Burgers have you had throughout your life, you won’t probably be able to answer this question, however, it is for sure that you know which one is your favourite and where you can get it.

Burger or commonly called Hamburger originally comes from the city of Hamburg, Germany. For this reason, it is called “Hamburger” and even though, Burgers might be more associated with the fast-food mecca, the United States, nevertheless, their true origin is believed to reside in the city of Hamburg.

The history says that the Hamburger was introduced by the German emigrants to America.

Watch Make It Dairy Free’s video about how to make a delicious – high protein vegan burger.

Burgers became so popular to the point of becoming a fast food dish by the Americans, nowadays, you find different names and brands of fast food companies serving all kind of Burgers where some big business competition is the main character of this game. Burgers give a lot of employment to a lot of people across the planet.

Burgers make us smile, they are yummy and these are some of the reasons why they make you happy, they are easy and quick to make, delicious, full of flavours and you can choose anything to make your Burger with, now it’s even easy to find vegetarian or vegan Burgers, and guess what? they are delicious too.

Burgers are not as unhealthy as they are described, that just depends on the way you make yours or where you get it from. 

Watch Ethan Chlebowski’s video about How to make a Lower Calorie Smash Burger that still tastes good.

Who says that Burgers are unhealthy, if you can get a Gourmet Burger that is made with good quality or organic meat, fresh veggies and whole-grain and organic flour in your bun, you can always replace the fries with a salad or baked fries instead. Isn’t this a healthy version of Burgers? Of course, it is!

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Don’t feel guilty and eat a Burger!

Plenty of restaurants they serve good quality and Gourmet Burgers that you can really enjoy without feeling guilty.

This famous dish even has its day, which is celebrated on the 28th of May each year. Even if you are not a big fun of Burgers we believe that at least you should give it a chance once a year and try a different or a new type of Burger. It’s for sure you will find yours and you will just fall in love with it.

Just let Burgers make you happy!

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