Why Italian Cuisine Is the Most Famous in the World?

Italian cuisine is known for its regional diversity, especially between the north and the south of the country…

Italian gastronomy provides an abundance of taste and flavour. Being one of the most popular and delightful gastronomies in the world, each person has a favourite dish in this cuisine, or maybe more than one…

What is your favourite Italian dish?

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Several cuisines around the world have been influenced by the Italian gastronomy, being Italy the home of most popular dishes in many other gastronomies, let’s say that many countries copied plenty of recipes and dishes, however, the original ones could only be perfectly prepared by hands full of love and fascination about the country.

Italian food is generally characterised by its freshness, simplicity and flavourful, with many dishes that could only be made by simple but fresh main ingredients, such as, tomatoes, cheese, flour and basil…

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Italian chefs and grandmas rely on the quality of the ingredients rather than on elaborate preparation. Ingredients and dishes vary by region and cities, which make this prodigious land even much richer and probably one of the richest countries in the world. 

One of the main reasons why Italian food is loved internationally is because there are no surprises, when you go to an Italian restaurant you know what you are going to eat. It is true that we can find variety on the menu, such as a porchetta, some risotto ai funghi. But generally, those who go to an Italian restaurant want to try their pizza or pasta, dishes that are easily welcomed by everyone (regardless of age or nationality) thanks to the simplicity of their composition.

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